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TV and Audiovisual Appearances
Dr. Fogelman is featured on an episode of The Leon Charney Report that discusses psychology as it relates to Holocaust survivors and their families.
The rescuers of Jews during the Holocaust were motivated for varying reasons. Once a person became a rescuer, a different self was formed. This essay explores their lives before, during and after the war.
Eva Fogelman gives a psychological perspective of the lives of hidden children both during and after the Holocaust.
An exploration of the mourning process as a creative process for female descendants of Holocaust survivors.
An award-winning documentary about the lives of young adults whose parents survived the Holocaust as they grapple with finding out what happened to their parents and how it has shaped their lives.

Helping Holocaust Survivor's Children

August 8, 2018

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This 1984 New York Times article by Michael Hinds details the work that Dr. Fogelman has done raising awareness for and empowering the voices of child Holocaust survivors. The full article can be viewed at the New York Times, which is linked below.

Remembering Marion Pritchard

August 8, 2018

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Dr. Fogelman wrote this obituary of Marion Pritchard as part of a Politico series on celebrity deaths of 2016 and why they mattered. You can access the full article on Politico's website at the link below.

Remembering Dr. Henry Krystal

August 8, 2018

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Dr. Fogelman authored a piece in Forward magazine dedicated to remembering the life of Dr. Henry Krystal, a renowned psychotherapist and Holocaust survivor. The full text of her article is available on Forward's website, which can be accessed through the attached link.

Terrorizing Women in the Holocaust

August 8, 2018

Tags: Terror, Psychological Dynamics, Women

Dr. Fogelman's article was published in the December 2015 edition of Clio's psyche, which is available for free online at the link attached.

Gitta Sereny, who interviewed the infamous commandant of
Treblinka and Sobibor, Franz Stangl, asked him, “Why, if they
were going to kill them [the Jews] (more…)

The Role of Group Experiences in the Healing Process of Massive Childhood Holocaust Trauma

August 8, 2018

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Dr. Fogelman published this paper in the Journal of Applied Psychoanalytic Studies. You can purchase it at the attached link.

This paper proposes that Holocaust child survivors profoundly benefit from participating in a variety of group modalities. From participant observation and interviews we demonstrate that affiliation in organizations, (more…)

Group Belonging and Mourning as Factors in Resilience in Second Generation Holocaust Survivors

August 8, 2018

Tags: Mourning, Second Generation, Resilience

Dr. Fogelman published this article in the Psychoanalytic Review in 1998, shedding light on the importance of not only telling the story of children of the Holocaust, but providing an in depth analysis of the identifiable group she calls the "second generation." You can purchase the full article from the Psychoanalytic Review or Guilford Publications, (more…)

Holocaust Survivors and Dental Health Webinar

August 8, 2018

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Dr. Fogelman presented on the intricacies of caring for the dental health needs of holocaust survivors in a webinar presented by The Blue Card using Person Centered, Trauma Informed (PCTI) methods of treating survivors. You can view the full Webinar at the youtube link attached.

Rape during the Nazi Holocaust: Vulnerabilities and Motivations; Fogelman, (2012). Rape during the Nazi Holocaust: Vulnerabilities and Motivations. In Rittner, C. and Roth J.K. Rape: Weapon of War and Genocide. St. Paul: Paragon House.

August 8, 2018

Tags: Sexual Abuse, Sexual Violence, Women, Psychological Dynamics

Dr. Fogelman published her chapter "Vulnerabilities and Motivations" in Ritmer and Roth's anthology on genocide, "Rape: Weapon of war and Genocide," which can be purchased from Publisher's Weekly. Attached is Ritmer and Roth's abstract.

Genocide studies experts Ritmer and Roth (co-editors of Different Voices: Women and the Holocaust) have assembled a tool kit for activists and an informative alarm for general readers with this collection of original essays by distinguished genocide scholars. An effective and affecting immediacy is achieved as each writer uses a particular document (interview, personal (more…)

Sexual Abuse of Jewish Women During and After the Holocaust

August 8, 2018

Tags: Sexual Abuse, Sexual Violence, Women

I can never forget the story of the young, beautiful, pregnant Greek Holocaust survivor in Orna Ben-Dor Niv's film Eretz Hadasha (Newland) who went for a medical examination in the ma'abara (transit camp) in Israel. As the woman exited the office, she heard the doctor telling the nurse in Hebrew, “Her child is an (more…)

Third Generation Descendents of Holocaust Survivors and the Future of Remembering

August 8, 2018

Tags: Remembering, Third Generation, Second Generation

"Why are Holocaust survivors obsessed with future generations remembering? Why do they command us all to Zachor, to remember? What is it they want us to remember?" That is the challenge every post-Holocaust generation will continue to face, just as all Jews at the Passover Seder are asked to think of themselves as slaves (more…)