Selected Works

TV and Audiovisual Appearances
Dr. Fogelman is featured on an episode of The Leon Charney Report that discusses psychology as it relates to Holocaust survivors and their families.
The rescuers of Jews during the Holocaust were motivated for varying reasons. Once a person became a rescuer, a different self was formed. This essay explores their lives before, during and after the war.
Eva Fogelman gives a psychological perspective of the lives of hidden children both during and after the Holocaust.
An exploration of the mourning process as a creative process for female descendants of Holocaust survivors.
An award-winning documentary about the lives of young adults whose parents survived the Holocaust as they grapple with finding out what happened to their parents and how it has shaped their lives.

Conscience and Courage: Rescuers of Jews During the Holocaust

Praise for Conscience and Courage:

"Every book of this kind is important. By evoking the noble along with the horrible, Ms Fogelman helps to add a dimension to our understanding of the Holocaust. And more than that, hers is a work of remembrance." New York Times Book Review

"A major contribution to Holocaust studies." International Herald Tribune